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10 April 2012

Nearly done. The Asia leg is complete: Kunming to Singapore. Now I just have to hop the aluminium bird back to Heathrow, clatter about in London a few days and then ride a couple more days across the UK's south east.

This kind of trip doesn't happen by accident. It was in the planning stages for around six months, and was the outcome of many incremental contributions from many people and sources before that.

Many thanks to all that helped with that process, whether indirectly or directly.

Thanks to Dan for a proper introduction to bike touring, and for lighting the touchpaper that brought me to the start line. Thanks to the destroyed folks who helped me carry my boxes over to China Post - that's when it finally looked like it was going to happen. Thanks to the guys who rode out of town with me back in November. Thanks to Marc for accompanying me as far as Jinghong. Thanks to Tom for expertly assembling a replacement wheel, which has not complained one moment since installed. Thanks to Catherine for company in Vientiane and a great re-up parcel of electrolyte-laden goodies. Thanks to Joe and his folks for company in Hoi An and a roof over my head in Singapore. Thanks to Sander for providing on-the-road inspiration via the blog of his overlapping trip. Thanks to Justin and Emma for company and tales about how bike touring is really done. Thanks to Rasmus for being cool in Battambang. Thanks to John and Jum for keeping me alive when I was off colour in Trat. Thanks to Diane and Sylvain for beers and birthdays on Langkawi.

Back to Kunming, thanks to the guys at Salvador's - you kept me fed and watered for years - and they say you are what you eat. Thanks to all who are or were involved in GoKunming and the Kunming scene - despite great flaws, something good is happening there. And thanks to Chris, without whom none of this would have come to pass.

Thanks also to friends and family who sent me words of encouragement while I was on the road.

Finally, thanks to the people I ran into along the way. You didn't know where, but you were all there too.

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Trip: The Return To The Sea
Distance today: 67km
Total distance: 8149km

Journey: Kota Tinggi to Singapore by Bike 67km
4 April 2012