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4 April 2012

After an overcast start, it is a clear and bright day, which is appropriate for Qingming festival.

The final few kilometres in Malaysia are unremarkable. I chat with a guy on a motorbike at a red light in Johor Bahru, he offers a welcome and good luck.

The border post is not set up for bikes per se, but I follow the motorbike channels, and it's great - dedicated lanes, stay-on-the-bike passport control and customs. The customs guy seems a little disappointed I've not cycled all the way from the UK.

Woodlands Road in Singapore is a shady joy to ride on, and it connects me to downtown via Bukit Timah. The only trouble is from parents jamming up the roads by picking up their kids in cars. There's one close call when one of them neglects to indicate, but by and large this is easy riding. Signs and roadmarkings are almost perfect.

I arrive in the Little India district, check in at my hostel, and head to a restaurant for mutton biryani. A dazed feeling comes over me.

67km, 23.4km/h, 2hr51min, 8361km

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Trip: The Return To The Sea
Distance today: 67km
Total distance: 8149km

Journey: Kota Tinggi to Singapore by Bike 67km
4 April 2012