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29 February 2012

Lang Suan's small, the rollout's easy: under the rail line, an immediate right, and keep on riding.

There's more plantations, mainly rubber and palm oil today. It's very green. There are moments when it feels like all the world is leafy and green, except for one strip of tarmac that's been laid through it, one white line that's been painted on top, and a long cyclist-shaped hole in the air above it.

There's a few sections with some bumps, but most of the surface is great. I get a couple of minor dog chases, but they're trivial: nothing's going to catch me today. On some sections, kilometres go by with no cars and no people. I follow the 4112 south to its end.

I want to conserve energy today, to store up for tomorrow's big one. But riding slowly will have me in the sun too long. I resolve to ride as efficiently as possible.

These last few days seem to have been like a chess game; I've been steadily assembling a strategy. The day into Chumphon had some small hills: good climbing practice; to Lang Suan was short and easy: rolling recovery; today is long and requires restraint. So I lay up in Phunphin, on the outskirts of Surat Thani. Big ride tomorrow.

115km, 24.9km/h, 4hr37min, 6689km

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Trip: The Return To The Sea
Distance today: 115km
Total distance: 6608km

Journey: Lang Suan หลังสวน to Phunphin พุนพิน by Bike 115km
29 February 2012