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7 March 2012

Since Jiangcheng, I've not used motorised transport as a means of biting off a large chunk of distance. Today, however, is a ferry day.

The journey's smooth, taking a couple of hours over smooth seas. Ko Phi Phi is visible over to the west. I pay a 200 baht surcharge for the bike, about four quid. Pretty hefty, seeing as the ticket was 450, and I had to load the bike on and off myself.

I clock just over 11 bike kilometres linking to and from the piers at each end. I enjoy the riding so much, I eat a quick lunch and then ride a lap of the island.

It's been a while since I've ridden unloaded and the bike just flies along. Short uphills are blasted over, the side-to-side handling of the bike as I stand out of the saddle completely unfamiliar.

I'm on the northwest of the island when the skies open up. There's no escape from a complete soaking. There's thunder and lightning, and it even feels a little cold. Something tells me I'm going to be seeing more rain over the next few days riding.

46km, 20.0km/h, 2hr16min, 6897km

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