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14 February 2012

Today I finally manage to get back on the bike. I've been a week in Trat feeling under the weather.

Only digestive trouble, but if you're not able to properly absorb fluids, or extract nutrients from food, cycling in this heat could be deadly. A couple of the days I don't even leave my guesthouse. The planned trip over to the island of Ko Chang gets cancelled.

When I begin to recover, I start to see what the problem was: complete exhaustion. I'm starting to see differently, think differently, and naps creep up on me all the time. I've not been right for days; routine (and visa deadline pressure) have been triumphing over tiredness. Time for a reset; fair enough if it's on my physical body's terms.

The ride back to Chanthaburi is loose and gradual. I don't yet have the power back in my legs, so I take it slowly. After 20km I have to swap out my rear tube - I welcome the break. When I get into town, I feel like I'm seeing the place for the first time.

69km, 22.9km/h, 3hr1min, 5671km

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Trip: The Return To The Sea
Distance today: 69km
Total distance: 5592km

Journey: Trat ตราด to Chanthaburi จันทบุรี by Bike 69km
14 February 2012