Mini Itinerary

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Trips / The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

    Bike: 10 journeys (10 complete)
    739km (739km complete)
    Bus: 2 journeys (2 complete)
    Train: 1 journeys (1 complete)
  • The Road From Mandalay
    11 November 2015

    Wake up, pack up, roll out. It sounds easy, but when there's jetlag and other people involved, all bets are off.


  • The Inevitable Destruction Of Plans
    12 November 2015

    Slow off the mark this morning. The excuse is a debate about the route. The route I had planned has us returning the way we had come, descending back to the plain, before turning south towards Kyaukse. But, I had also pointed out that Pyin Oo Lwin possibly sets us up for an eastern route towards Inle Lake.


  • All Hail The Golden Arches
    13 November 2015

    When we're set to roll out, we ask the hotel staff where the next hotel is on the road south. They say there isn't one. Not until Taungyi, at least, and that's miles away.


  • Are We Falling, Or Are We Flying?
    15 November 2015

    Sander calls my name to wake me. It works, kinda. I groggily come to, head still full of the vestiges of stressful dreams. My nights have been filled with paranoid dreams of packing up, leaving, cleaning, having rental places checked over, planes, airports and luggage. I'm not sure a bike trip in Myanmar is the best place to come down from the stresses I faced before getting here.


  • The Queen Stage
    16 November 2015

    Luzhong to Pianma, Luang Prabang to Phou Khoun, Meiringen to Grindelwald, assemble esteemed company, and welcome... Kyaukse to Ywa Ngan! What an absolute swine of a day.


  • High Plains Drifting
    17 November 2015

    Cow bells. Wooden carts. Droves of cattle. Wheat harvested by hand. Cauliflowers, lots of cauliflowers, fields of cauliflowers, truckloads of cauliflowers. Cauliflower cheeeeeese!


  • Silver Happy People
    19 November 2015

    Just a short day today, taking us east to one of Myanmar's biggest tourist centres, Inle Lake, and the town of Nyaung Shwe.


  • Bagan Burndown
    22 November 2015

    While trains in Burma are relaxing and colourful, they are certainly not fast. Yesterday's moving rest still leaves us with a job of work if we are to make it to Bagan.