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10 March 2012

The plan today is similar to yesterday's: get going early to beat the rain. The hotel café opens at 8am however, and breakfast is too important to skip.

Consequently, it's a rather wet day. The first soaking comes around halfway. It's warm though and the roads are good enough to keep up a decent speed. After I get out from under the cloud, it's bright, and I feel like it could never rain again.

My motion breeze dries me off completely before the next soaking which comes in the last 20 kilometres or so. The road's so hot the rain steams off it, and the temperature gets confusing as I ride through swirls of alternating hot and cool air. It's quite refreshing.

At one point I'm riding across a mirror, due to the smooth film of water on the road's surface. I'm used to looking down and seeing my shadow, but now I'm seeing my reflection. Glad he's putting some effort onto the pedals.

Saw a roadkill frog today. That's a new one; it's mainly been lizards and snakes. I've come close to hitting a few lizards myself, as they like to bask in the sun on the tarmac. I've also spotted one cat and one dog, the latter with an attendant carrion crow.

Much of today was grind. The roads I was on (404, 416, 406) were busier than I expected, but all of it was manageable. This should be pretty much the last of the big days. There's a couple remaining over 100 kilometres, but nothing up at 150ish.

153km, 23.3km/h, 6hr33min, 7173km

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Trip: The Return To The Sea
Distance today: 153km
Total distance: 7047km

Journey: Trang ตรัง to Satun สตูล by Bike 153km
10 March 2012