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14 March 2012

The ferry to Penang leaves at 2:30pm, so it's hardly a hurried start to the day.

I hang around in the guesthouse's common area with my laptop, finally getting a decent wifi signal and catching up on a few emails. I also manage to cadge an extra banana honey pancake that they've mistakenly made.

I take a different route back to the pier than on the way over. I reckon it's a little shorter. Formalities at the pier are straightforward, and the ferry ride itself is comfortable and smooth.

At the Penang end, the sky is dark and it's raining a little. It really looks like the heavens are going to open. I dash into some surprisingly busy traffic hoping to find my bearings and a place to stay before I get wet.

Fortunately, the rain doesn't come, because I get sucked into a nightmare of a one way system. I just can't get where I want to go before getting herded back the wrong way. Eventually I extricate myself on the appropriately named Jalan Transfer. I find part of town I'm familiar with and check into the Cathay Hotel, an aging pile that oozes character in the way that only slightly threadbare and decrepit things can.

31km, 20.3km/h, 1hr32min, 7241km

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14 March 2012