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28 March 2012

Today was pretty much as expected for a short day after a long day: difficult but over quickly.

At times it felt like yesterday had just continued, and that I hadn't stopped and slept. Same road, same bike, same tired me. I'm now within two days ride of Singapore, one if I make it a biggie.

I went back for more of the yummy chicken fried rice I had last night, and got through the ride fine on that. The hotel in Mersing is a little more expensive than usual, but they seem fine with me stashing my bike there for a few days while I head over to Tioman. Chinese-run businesses here seem so very accommodating in comparison to their mainland counterparts.

66km, 23.6km/h, 2hr47min, 8199km

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Trip: The Return To The Sea
Distance today: 66km
Total distance: 7986km

Journey: Kuala Rompin to Mersing by Bike 66km
28 March 2012