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2 January 2012

Today gets off to a bad start when the hotel rip me off on the room.

Long story short, I lose out to the tune of about three quid. I'll regain it by skipping a beer in the UK someday. In other words, it's not worth stressing about.

That said, it does colour my mood, and I don't feel very friendly towards the people or the country all day. I grab two full size baguettes in Quang Ngai to munch on during the day, noting how marked prices make life so much easier. They go down with bananas the hotel in Hoi An gave me, and super sweet cartons of milk.

Again, QL1 is manageable, but the weather remains overcast and I get a couple of dousings.

I'm still feeling strong when I get to Tam Quan, my intended stopping point for the day, so I elect to tack on another 15 kilometres or so to reach the wonderfully named town of Bong Son.

Bong Son is like small-town China. Exactly alike. Low wattage street lighting mutes the few colours there are, shops specialise in one chosen niche of products, mud and vegetable matter on the road flag the location of the market, street stalls crank out cheap eats, bikes and motorbikes wobble everywhere. I've seen it all before, and feel better equipped to interface with it.

90km, 24.9km/h, 3hr37min, 3106km

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Trip: The Return To The Sea
Distance today: 90km
Total distance: 3103km

Journey: Quang Ngai Quảng Ngãi to Bong Son Bông Sơn by Bike 90km
2 January 2012