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21 January 2012

Back to Kampot today. There's nothing really wrong with Sihanoukville, but I think I felt a bit more relaxed in Kampot.

The original plan was to head up to Phnom Penh on route 4, but having found that this carries a lot of road freight, doesn't have a surfaced shoulder, and is sparse when it comes to accommodation, I'd rather ride route 3. Route 3 has supposedly recently undergone repair, and I think it should be possible to take down the 150km from Kampot to the capital in one day.

Taking a rest day in Kampot prior to this is only going to help. Ok, so another run at the barbecued ribs might be a factor too.

The ride back to Kampot is slower than the ride over to Sihanoukville. The wind's still doing the same thing, but I'm doing almost the exact opposite. It takes me about a half hour longer heading east.

While I'm seeking a room, I hear my name called. Emma and Justin had said they might be in Kampot at the same time as me. Seems we've landed up in the same guesthouse. We chat together about what we've done in the weeks since we met in Thakhek. They provide some helpful advice about places I'm headed.

107km, 20.9km/h, 5hr8min, 4619km

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Trip: The Return To The Sea
Distance today: 107km
Total distance: 4613km